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    Whether you have a manuscript, an article, an essay, or a thesis, no matter how much or how little work it needs, send it my way! To find out more, visit my business website.


    Note that if you are looking to pitch me for Sidequest, you should email me at sidequest.naseem@gmail.com. I'd love to hear from you!

    Science editing ($55/hour)

    Are you trying to decode the latest article in Nature Neuroscience? Perhaps you've written about integrating psychology studies into educational practices. My focuses are neuroscience, human health/physiology, molecular/cellular biology, genetics, and animal studies, but contact me to see if I might be the right editor for the job!

    Line and copy editing ($40/hour)

    Done with a second or third draft? Need someone to check for word choice, grammar, redundancy, and clarity? I work quickly and respect your authorial voice and style so your work can be clean, tight, and within word limits.

    Proofreading and indexing ($30/hour)

    Last minute checks? Ready to go to print, but just want one more pair of eyes? Don't feel like indexing or double-checking your references? (Having written academic papers, I know how that feels!) I can do these tasks for you so that you can send your manuscript off with peace of mind.

    Beta reading and sensitivity reads

    Have you written a novel, a memoir, or some other kind of manuscript? I can give you an unbiased opinion on the pacing, plot development, character arcs, and overall story. Are you writing marginalized characters? I also do sensitivity reads about a variety of topics. For books under 90k, my starting rate for sensitivity reads is $250 and for beta reads is $300.

    #AmQuerying Writers

    Let me help you get your query into perfect shape. My rates are as follows:

    $5: Up to three Twitter pitches

    $25: Query; add $5 for subsequent revisions

    $30: Twitter pitches (up to six) + query bundle

    $45: Query and synopsis

    $50: Twitter pitches (up to six) + query + synopsis bundle

  • How It Works

    Editing with me is easy! I view editing as a teaching method and a two-way process. It's my job to teach you about what I'm doing and why, and it's your job to teach me about your style and what you need. I want you to come away from the editing experience feeling like a stronger, more confident writer.



    After we agree on your editing needs and a rate, you send me your work in a .docx or .doc format.



    I use track changes to highlight my edits, explaining them in the comments.



    I send you the edited document and answer any questions. We bounce revision suggestions.



    If we've agreed on it, you revise and resend me the document. I go through again with track changes.

  • Editing

    "Naseem Jamnia is a gifted editor. [They] copy edited two of my books. [Their] work is meticulous, and [they are] highly respectful toward the writer's style, as well as the integrity of the original work. I highly recommend [them] as an editor." - Mojdeh Bayat, DePaul University


    "It's obvious that [they] spend time preparing... are knowledgable and engaging, and are a strong teacher who care about doing a good job. Respect and interact with students well... [Their] excitement about biology is palpable. Want students to do well... [Their] attitude is [their] strength." - DePaul University, Department of Biological Sciences


    "Naseem is an exquisitely gifted editor, with whom I worked on a long and complex book manuscript. ... [They] performed with absolute diligence and professionalism, and I would work with [them] again without hesitation. I recommend [them] with genuine enthusiasm and without reservation. [They're] a fabulous colleague." - Mckay Jenkins, University of Delaware

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