• Speaking/Presentation

    I am happy to do presentations on the following topics:

    • Using gender-inclusive language in various fields (including the life sciences)
    • The relationship between gender, sex, and biology
    • Writing trans and nonbinary characters
    • Inclusive, queernormative worldbuilding
    • Decolonizing literature syllabi and/or the creative writing workshop
    • Representation in MG, YA, and SFF literature
    • Querying and Publishing 101 as a marginalized person


    I have taught across various ages, and am happy to teach a class (or several) on the following topics:

    • Revolutionary worldbuilding in speculative fiction
    • Cultural storytelling in speculative fiction
    • Queernormative worldbuilding
    • Drawing upon non-Western structures for speculative fiction
    • Longform speculative fiction writing
    • Lyric essays
    • Gender identity/expression workshops for kids and teens
  • Naseem, a West Asian nonbinary person with curly brown hair and purple highlights, looks down from the camera, smiling. They're pushing their curls back and wearing a green sweater.


    My rates vary depending on the organization, type of request, and the intended audience.


    If you do not see a particular topic here but would like to hire me regardless, please reach out.


    I love doing classroom visits! I'm happy to visit a single class period online (approximately 1 hour) for free.


    Photo credit: Jeramie Lu. Reprint of photo is permitted for publicity purposes.