Hi! I'm Naseem. I'm a Persian non-binary writer from Chicago. I began writing when I was a wee one, hoping to reach people who thought they were alone, like me.


    Until January 2017, I balanced my writing with my work as a neuroscientist. I studied rodent models of psychiatric disorders and also did a lot of work in concussion models. Then, after just one semester of a PhD program, I decided I needed to stop. I loved my work, but I could no longer deny my need to write.


    So, here I am! Much to the chagrin of my parents and former mentors, I'm now writing full time. I moved away from Philadelphia (where I was in graduate school) to Reno, where my husband is in a master's program. I'm focusing on a few things: fiction centering the voices of marginalized characters (e.g. characters of color, with disabilities, etc); personal essays drawing upon my experiences with gender, mental illness, abusive/toxic relationships, spirituality/religion, etc; and researched opinion pieces on current events, politics, and pop culture. Etc. All of my work is through a feminist lens, and I believe strongly in intersectionality. While I mostly publish nonfiction online, I am working away on novels that I hope to find representation for soon!


    My favorite part about writing is hearing from YOU, the reader. Did this week's Tuesday Telegram strike a particular chord? Do you want to read about a character like yourself? Have you struggled with some of the issues I talk about? Let me know. Let's chat! I want to talk about issues that are important to you! And at the end of it, if you are digging what I do, please support me on Patreon so that I can get my meds and eat and stuff.


    One more thing: I'm one of the gaming editors at Women Write About Comics. If you want to pitch me, please do so! I'm available at sidequest.naseem@gmail.com. I love personal stories about games, especially games that are considered "old." We're an entirely volunteer run site, so neither we nor our writers get paid. (We're working on that!) For now, we offer a writing community, editing/pitching help, and friendship.

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