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    A set of QIlwa covers as a book, ebook, and audio.

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    Read an excerpt of ​The Bruising of Qilwa on io9/Gizmodo!

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    io9's logo with a rainbow background.

    io9/Gizmodo cover reveal and excerpt

    The Bruising of Qilwa's cover by Elizabeth Story was first revealed on io9/Gizmodo, along with an excerpt from the autopsy scene early in the novella. Content notes for mentions of a plague and graphic descriptions of a corpse (body/medical horror)

    A colorful landscape with a hill, water, and city on the edge. Over it says, "khoreo: a magazine of speculative fiction."

    Interview and excerpt at khōréō magazine

    In partnership with Tachyon Publications, khōréō magazine shared an excerpt of Qilwa with their readers, and included an interview between me and editor-in-chief Aleksandra Hill.

    Tordotcom's logo, which is those letters in a 3 x 3 square in black and filled in.


    Martin Cahill reviewed Qilwa for Tor.com to high praise: "Jamnia is a writer’s writer, luxuriating in paragraphs that contains as much detail as a page, told with perfectly parsed prose. It is a masterful talent, reminiscent of Steven Erikson and Samuel R. Delany, and one Jamnia employs to their utmost."

    A spaceship points to the top left with stars around it.

    Locus Magazine

    Locus Magazine positively reviewed Qilwa twice. In this first review, Gary K. Wolfe calls it "something of a Tardis tale, considerably bigger on the inside than it first appears, and it’s a rewarding addition to that growing body of fantastic fiction address­ing themes of colonialism, bigotry, gender, and cultural identity."

    Book Riot's logo, the name outlined in black on a yellow background.

    Book Riot SFF

    The Bruising of Qilwa was highlighted on Book Riot's "The Best New Queer SFF for Your TBR," along with authors like Kelly Barnhill, Nghi Vo, Alex Jennings, Sunyi Dean, Victor Manibo and others!


    Also shared on CNN Radio News and Book Riot International.

    The Locus logo: a spaceship with stars

    Locus Magazine

    In the second review from Locus Magazine, Alex Brown says, "There's nothing simple about this novella. Naseem Jamnia has threaded themself—their identities, their experiences, their histories, their culture—into every layer of the narrative."

    A person stands looking up at a purple night sky, a tree to the side. The surface of a planet takes up a bulk of the background, and a robotic teddybear sits in the foreground. The top says "Reading Reality."

    Reading Reality

    Marlene Harris gave Qilwa a starred review for The Library Journal but returns months later for a reread: "The Bruising of Qilwa is one of those stories that makes the reader think, and feel, and think again, long after the last page is turned. As witnessed by my picking this back up months later to see if it was as good as my memory made it—only to discover that it was even better than I first thought."

    The Autostraddle logo, which has a triangle and "s" in a circle, and the name of the website beside it.


    Abeni Jones at Autostraddle thought "The world [of Qilwa] is so fascinating, and the characters so fully developed, I would happily read as many other stories as Jamnia decides to set in this world. It’s a tense exploration of weighty themes that can be easily mapped onto present-day issues, but grounded in lovable, sympathetic characters—many of them queer—and fun fantasy elements that are easy to understand but deep in their implications."

    The words "Strange Horizons" are written on a white background, though the letters go from black to blue and purple (a la space).

    Strange Horizons

    Stephen Case reviewed both Qilwa and another Tachyon book, The Unbalancing by R.B. Lemberg, thinking about the conversation the two have with each other: "Both The Bruising of Qilwa and The Unbalancing are powerful in giving voice to marginalized or dispossessed characters without being flat, formulaic, or overly discursive."

    Please note, spoilers abound for both books!

    "Book Riot" is written in outlined blocked letters, filled in with the same yellow as the background.

    Book Riot

    In "8 Notable Nonbinary SFF Books You Need to Check Out," Qilwa joins the ranks of Neon Yang, R.B. Lemberg, Anna-Marie McLemore, Shelly Parker-Chan, and others!

    "BuzzFeed Books" is written in white block letters on a blue background.


    So many books come out every month, and August was no exception, but Qilwa made the "The Best Books Releasing in August" BuzzFeed list!

    "Literary Hub" is written in all caps in black on a white background.

    Literary Hub

    Qilwa made the list of "10 New SF and Fantasy Books to Augment Your August," sitting alongside Tasha Suri, R.F. Kuang, and others!

    Tordotcom's logo, which is those letters in a 3 x 3 square in black and filled in.


    August was a really great month for speculative fiction, so small books are easy to overlook. Tor.com, however, included Qilwa in a roundup of the fantasy books arriving in August!

    BuzzFeed Books in white on a blue background.

    BuzzFeed Books

    The Bruising of Qilwa was included as part of "26 Science Fiction and Fantasy Novels by Trans and Nonbinary Authors," alongside authors like Janelle Monáe, Neon Yang, R.B. Lemberg, Aiden Thomas, Charlie Jane Anders, and more!

    LGBTQ Reads logo, which has the name and a stack of colorful rectangles (representing books) on top.

    LGBTQ Reads

    As a queer book, The Bruising of Qilwa has been mentioned on several LGBTQ Reads lists, including those highlighting books with asexual, aromantic, nonbinary, and West Asian/Persian representation.

    A rainbow set of shapes, vaguely book-like, sits besides the words "Lambda Literary."

    Lambda Literary

    For a fortuitous start to launch week, Qilwa made the list of Lambda Literary's "August's Most Anticipated LGBTQ+ Literature"!

    A bald figure with glasses has a book propped up. Beside it, it says, "Shelf awareness: enlightenment for readers."

    Shelf Awareness

    In addition to the starred review, Shelf Awareness put Qilwa front in center during pub week! It was also on the front page during this time.

    A blue book with a blue heart and the end of a speech bubble sits besides the words "Foreword Reviews."

    Foreword Reviews

    As part of launch week, in addition to a fantastic review, Foreword Reviews included Qilwa in their "Book of the Day Roundup"!

    White letters on a red background say: "nerds of a feather, flock together: 2021 Hugo Award Winner for Best Fanzine."

    nerds of a feather, flock together

    Roseanne Pendelbury gave Qilwa a "very high quality" Nerd Coefficient, and honestly, what more could this nerd want?

    "Jo Ladzinski" is written in cursive in white; underneath in block print it says, "Honing marketing and writing one word at a time." A notebook peaks out from the side. The background is black.

    Jo Ladzinski

    Jo Ladzinski not only called Qilwa "among the tightest [novellas] I have ever read," they also had me on for Author to Author, where we discussed worldbuilding, research, and my publishing path.

    In red is the website: paulsemel.com. Underneath, in black letters, reads: "games, books, music, movies, comics..."

    Paul Semel

    I interviewed with Paul Semel on his website about Qilwa, writing nonbinary characters and queernorm worlds, and writing in a world I've written in before.

    A red diamond with some resonant features, all sort of looking like a cube, sits beside "Hive Blog."

    Monica Robinson

    Monica Robinson, poet and bookseller, reviewed Qilwa, saying, "I loved this book, and it was everything I had hoped for and more. More to the point, you've never read anything like it." She also created a Qilwa-themed playlist!

    Sketches of two femme faces sit behind a white, bolded, "AT THE BAR" with "This is how we chat" underneath.

    At the Bar with Arley Sorg

    Fantasy Magazine co-editor-in-chief Arley Sorg invited me to his interview series, "At the Bar," where we chat about conferences and Qilwa and more!

    A.R. Frederiksen's logo, a cursive name on a brownish background and "writes speculative fiction" underneath.

    A.R. Frederiksen

    A.R. Frederiksen had some great things to say about The Bruising of Qilwa: "What truly shines here, as far as I am concerned, is the theme, the world, and the characters."

    The Fantasy Hive's logo, which has the name and a colorful swirl like a sunbeam in the background.

    Interview with The Fantasy Hive

    I chatted with the awesome folks at The Fantasy Hive about Qilwa, my inspirations, my writing process, and why the Simorgh is the best.

    Over colorful mosaic-like flowers and shapes reads "Forty Years & More"

    Center for Iranian Diaspora Studies

    For "Proud in the Diaspora," the Center for Iranian Diaspora Studies at San Francisco State featured me and Qilwa on Instagram!

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