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    The cover for The Bruising of Qilwa, my debut fantasy novella. A golden hand drips blood over the title while a city rises in the background, ships sailing on red water. The color scheme is gold, red, cream, and purple.

    Tachyon Publications, August 9, 2022



    A secondary world fantasy. An ethnically undesirable refugee tries to discover the source of a mysterious disease affecting their patients at an independent clinic under government scrutiny while concealing their own dangerous and misunderstood form of magic.


    The first Persian-inspired fantasy written for adults by a Persian author in the US market.


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    A cover of "Positive Interactions with At-Risk Children." The title is overlaid over a green, leafy plant growing out of dried, cracked earth.

    Routledge, 2019

    An academic text for teachers cowritten with Mojdeh Bayat, Ph.D. This book follows the as-of-then latest neurobiological research on the effects of trauma and stress on the developing brain, and includes Bayat's novel Resilience-based Interaction Model (RIM), which combines behavioral and emotion-based theories of development with practical steps for teachers and parents—all of which centers the child and their needs.

    The bright blue cover of "We Made Uranium!", which is written in goofy font. A person drives a rickshaw-like device with another person behind them.

    University of Chicago Press, 2019

    The New York Times calls the University of Chicago's annual scavenger hunt "the college's Rose Bowl: a mash-up of the Intel Science Talent Search, fraternity hazing, a pep rally, installation art, reality TV, and a 4-H fair." 


    This anthology details the experiences of Scavvies, Captains, and Judges over the many years of Scav's long running. The anology includes my piece, "Item 229, 2013: The Final Feast"

    The cover of the 2019 Emerge anthology. A moth lays spread in the middle of the phases of the moon, with triangles underneath. The text and image are holographic-like.

    Edited by Tahirah Alexander Green; forward by Danez Smith

    Lambda Literary is the premire organization for queeer writers in the US. Every year, the organization hosts a writing retreat for emerging LGBTQIA+ writers. The result of that retreat is an antthology of fellows' work. Tthe 2019 anthology includes an excerpt from my YA contemporary ghost story, SHANG ON THE PATH (work in progress).