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    If you would like to feature my work in an anthology, please reach out!

    The cover of The White Guy Dies First: 13 Scary Stories of Fear and Power, which is neon pink with yellow lettering and has a teal skull with a screaming shadow.

    Tor Teen, July 16, 2024. Edited by Terry J. Benton-Walker



    The White Guy Dies First includes thirteen scary stories by all-star contributors and this time, the white guy dies first.


    Killer clowns, a hungry hedge maze, and rich kids who got bored. Friendly cannibals, impossible slashers, and the dead who don’t stay dead....


    A museum curator who despises “diasporic inaccuracies.” A sweet girl and her diary of happy thoughts. An old house that just wants friends forever....


    These stories are filled with ancient terrors and modern villains, but go ahead, go into the basement, step onto the old plantation, and open the magician’s mystery box because this time, the white guy dies first.


    Edited by Terry J. Benton-Walker, including stories from bestselling, award-winning, and up-and-coming contributors: Adiba Jaigirdar, Alexis Henderson, Chloe Gong, Faridah Àbíké-Íyímídé, H. E. Edgmon, Kalynn Bayron, Karen Strong, Kendare Blake, Lamar Giles, Mark Oshiro, Naseem Jamnia, Tiffany D. Jackson, and Terry J. Benton-Walker.


    A collection you’ll be dying to talk about… if you survive it.


    Content notes for "Break Through Our Skin," reimagining body horror from a trans perspective, in which a struggling nonbinary teen finds acceptance in an unexpected ancient source: explicit and internalized transphobia, use of a transphobic slur, graphic body horror, graphic violence, cannibalism, and racism.

    The cover of the 2019 Emerge anthology. A moth lays spread in the middle of the phases of the moon, with triangles underneath. The text and image are holographic-like.

    Lambda Literary, 2020. Edited by Tahirah Alexander Green

    This anthology is a collection of literary work from the 2019 Lambda Literary Fellows in Fiction, Poetry, Nonfiction, Genre Fiction, and Playwriting. The Writers Retreat for Emerging LGBTQ Voices was established in 2007 and is the first of its kind ever offered to LGBTQ writers: a one-week intensive immersion in fiction, nonfiction, poetry, genre fiction, and playwriting. The Retreat is an unparalleled opportunity to develop one's craft, make connections with publishing professionals, and build a strong community of peers. Over 50 writers are included.


    This anthology includes an excerpt from my YA contemporary ghost story, SHANG ON THE PATH (work in progress). Content notes for Islamophobia, racial slurs, anxiety, and public trauma.

    The bright blue cover of "We Made Uranium!", which is written in goofy font. A person drives a rickshaw-like device with another person behind them.

    University of Chicago Press, 2019. Edited by Leila Sales

    The University of Chicago's annual Scavenger Hunt (or "Scav") is one of the most storied college traditions in America. Every year, teams of hundreds of competitors scramble over four days to complete roughly 350 challenges. The tasks range from moments of silliness to 1,000-mile road trips, and they call on participants to fully embrace the absurd. For students it is a rite of passage, and for the surrounding community it is a chance to glimpse the lighter side of a notoriously serious university.


    We Made Uranium! shares the stories behind Scav, told by participants and judges from the hunt's more than thirty-year history. The twenty-three essays range from the shockingly successful (a genuine, if miniscule, nuclear reaction created in a dorm room) to the endearing failures (it's hard to build a carwash for a train), and all the chicken hypnotisms and permanent tattoos in between. Taken together, they show how a scavenger hunt once meant for blowing off steam before finals has grown into one of the most outrageous annual traditions at any university. The tales told here are absurd, uplifting, hilarious, and thought-provoking—and they are all one hundred percent true.


    This anthology includes my piece, "Item 229, 2013: The Final Feast." Content notes for disordered eating, depression, mentions of suicidal ideations, and emotional abuse.