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    What Others Say

    Naseem helped take my query letter from acceptable to excellent, and my request rate showed it. Aside from a keen eye for adding in sharp details, they helped me frame the systemic issues my characters faced as quickly and effectively as possible. I think BIPOC authors will be especially pleased with how Naseem "gets" what may not be written in your query and helps highlight what sets your story apart. Highly recommended—again and again.

    — Victor Pope

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    What Others Say

    Naseem Jamnia is a gifted editor. They copy edited two of my books. Their work is meticulous, and they are highly respectful toward the writer's style, as well as the integrity of the original work. I highly recommend them as an editor.

    — Mojdeh Bayat, PhD, DePaul University

    An image of Naseem, a light-skinned brown haired West Asian person. They are grinning with their eyes closed, standing in a field, wearing a blue shirt with the Captain America shield on it.

    What Others Say

    Naseem is an exquisitely gifted editor, with whom I worked on a long and complex book manuscript. They performed with absolute diligence and professionalism, and I would work with [them] again without hesitation. I recommend them with genuine enthusiasm and without reservation. They're a fabulous colleague.

    —Mckay Jenkins, PhD, University of Delaware

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    What Others Say

    Naseem's feedback on my query sharpened my concept and tightened my language. They have a great sense of what is necessary and what can be cut or pared down. After working with them, I had a new level of confidence when querying agents!

    — Phoebe Wagner, PhD, Lycoming College

  • Editing Services

    I am happy to work on an hourly, word, or page basis. I am also happy to work on a sliding scale for students and marginalized writers. Email naseem@naseemjamnia.com with your service request in the subject header.

    #AmQuerying Writers

    From my experience as an intern for the Bent Agency to my years of reading queries for others, I can get your query into perfect shape. My rates are as follows:

    $5: Up to three Twitter-like pitches

    $25: Query; add $5 for subsequent revisions (up to two)

    $30: Pitches (up to six) + query bundle

    $45: Query and synopsis

    $50: Pitches (up to six) + query + synopsis bundle

    Developmental/Content Editing ($50/hour)

    All writers need an editor. Having written several novels and edited many more, I have an eye for story, character, and emotional arcs; I can tell you what scenes are serving the book and what are not; I can chart out where your book is successful and where it falls flat. It's hard to dive into your manuscript with the intent of dismantling it to see how every aspect works, but I promise it is worth the effort. The genres I am best-suited to read are speculative, particularly fantasy and horror, across MG, YA, and adult ages.

    Science editing ($55/hour)

    Are you trying to decode the latest article in Nature Neuroscience? Perhaps you've written about integrating psychology studies into educational practices. My focuses are neuroscience, human health/physiology, molecular/cellular biology, genetics, and animal studies, but contact me to see if I might be the right editor for the job!

    Line and copy editing ($45/hour)

    Done with a second or third draft? Need someone to check for word choice, grammar, redundancy, and clarity? I work quickly and respect your authorial voice and style so your work can be clean, tight, and within word limits.

    Proofreading and indexing ($35/hour; $3.50/page)

    Last minute checks? Ready to go to print, but just want one more pair of eyes? Don't feel like indexing or double-checking your references? (Having written academic papers, I know how that feels!) I can do these tasks for you so that you can send your manuscript off with peace of mind.

  • Naseem stands in front of a tree, hands on their thighs as they lean against the trunk. They're in a park, with grass and trees visible, and the Philly skyline rises behind them.

    Authenticity & Sensitivity Reads

    Authenticity reads (also called sensitivity reads) are when a person of a particular background reads a manuscript to see how this background is portrayed in the text, usually when written by an author not of that background.


    The broad categories I can do authenticity reads for are Persian (or inspired by) representation, child-to-immigrants experiences, Sufi representation, certain psychiatric disabilities, nonbinary trans representation, queer representation, and intersections among these. However, there are more specific representations for which I'm qualified to read; please reach out to me for further details. I have worked with major publishing houses and individuals alike. I will also happily read for Chicago representation!


    My rates are $0.005 per word, rounded up to the nearest $5. I reserve the right to charge more depending on how much work needs to be done. You can expect a 2+ page letter from me, with specific quotes/examples from the book, with a one-month turnaround. I double this rate for rush jobs.